Drosera capensis – Cape Sundew

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Renowned for its ease of cultivation, Drosera capensis stands as a pinnacle of spectacle within the Sundew family. Its remarkable feature lies in its mobile leaves, which deftly ensnare unsuspecting prey by rolling over them. Atop a cluster of glossy green foliage adorned with crimson glandular stalks, vibrant pink blossoms grace this botanical wonder, imparting enduring beauty. Enhanced by the sun’s radiance, the dew-kissed leaves exude an enchanting allure. Hailing from South Africa, this species thrives on sunny windowsills, in conservatories, or within cold greenhouses. A proficient predator of smaller insects such as midges and mosquitoes, it even captures diminutive houseflies with aplomb. During the summer months, it can be cultivated outdoors to flourish under the open sky.

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