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Sarracenias for Wholesale Customers

The pitchers, which are specialized modified leaves, vary widely in size, ranging from towering structures over 1.0m tall to diminutive traps only 10-15cm high. At the apex of the trap, nectar entices flies, ultimately causing them to lose their footing on the slick, waxy surface and descend into the pitcher below.

Best suited for cultivation in full sun, Trumpet Pitchers (Sarracenias) flourish in environments such as sunny windowsills, conservatories, or outdoor bog gardens or pots. They serve as an eco-friendly solution for controlling flies indoors and occasionally dining on slugs outdoors.

With magnificent flowers blooming in early spring and attractive seed heads enduring until the end of the season, Trumpet Pitchers offer aesthetic appeal throughout the year. Both seed heads and pitchers are highly valued by floral arrangers and can be found on our site during their respective seasons.