Sarracenia ‘Barba’

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Sarracenia ‘Barba’ is a striking trumpet pitcher plant renowned for its ‘lobster-trap’ trapping mechanism. Its pitchers are adorned with nectar-exuding glands, luring unsuspecting insects inside. Once inside, the insects gradually venture deeper, unable to escape the sticky, enzyme-containing fluid at the bottom, ultimately meeting their fate as food for this carnivorous plant. Native to the United States, Sarracenia thrives in damp, swampy conditions. It’s exceptionally easy to cultivate and finds a perfect home in an unheated greenhouse or on a cool windowsill. To ensure its health, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, and maintain consistently moist soil. When watering, opt for distilled or rainwater instead of tap water, as the latter may contain lime and chlorine harmful to the plant’s well-being.

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