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Primrose Trading

Primrose Trading is a family owned business and run by Simon Hamming and Marit Bakker, together with a passionate team. Primrose Trading was established in 2021 in the aftermath of Brexit, which created significant challenges for trade between the UK and the Netherlands, particularly for niche markets like specialist (CITES) plants and flower bulbs. Recognizing a gap in the market, we decided to leverage our entrepreneurial background to create an import and export line specifically for carnivorous plants, flower bulbs and other horticultural products. 

Both being Dutch and living in Devon UK, we profit from our strong Dutch network and invested in building a robust logistics network that ensured plants could be transported swiftly and safely across borders. We navigated the complexities of post-Brexit regulations (e.g. CITES, PFAFFS, Ketenregister), ensuring compliance and minimizing delays. Our efforts paid off—Primrose Trading’s import and export service quickly became the go-to solution for traders, growers, and nurseries in both the UK and The Netherlands.

2 Ventures, 1 Vision

Combining our fascination for carnivorous plants with our expertise in international trade, we transformed Primrose Trading into a multifaceted enterprise. By day, our specialist Carnivorous Plant nursery ‘South West Carnivorous Plants’ buzzes with activity and behind the scenes, we manage the seamless flow of goods across the English Channel. Our wholesale customers appreciate the reliable supply of high-quality carnivorous plants, while traders and nurseries value the efficient import-export service that helped their businesses thrive despite the challenges posed by Brexit.

Wholesale Carnivorous Plants UK

Large Range of Carnivorous Plants e.g. Dionaea, Sarracenia, Drosera and many more for Competitive Wholesale Prices.

Fast Delivery throughout the UK

Safely packed and delivered throughout the UK for only £25 (except for the Highlands, British Isles and Northern Ireland)

Import – Export Service UK & NL

Buy plants from your own trusted growers in The Netherlands. We'll arrange all Export and Import documents!