Drosera binata var. dichotoma

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Drosera dichotoma, also referred to as Drosera binata, features elongated, branched tentacles that weave a lethal trap of sticky adhesive. Among the largest of forked-leaf sundews, this variant maintains a relatively upright stature, minimizing sprawling tendencies while reaching impressive sizes. Particularly adept at capturing daddy long legs and houseflies, it thrives in sun-drenched positions.Native to sandy marshes across southern and eastern Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand, Drosera binata manifests in diverse forms, with single-forked leaf varieties being prevalent and multiforked forms restricted to specific regions. In cooler climates, these plants tend to be smaller compared to their counterparts in warmer locales. Terrarium cultivation proves suitable for the diminutive forms of Drosera binata. Successfully cultivating this species requires careful consideration of its natural habitat conditions. Drosera binata undergoes a period of dormancy, typical of warm temperate plants. During this phase, which occurs seasonally in natural light or intermittently under artificial lighting, new leaf production halts, and the plant essentially regresses to the ground.

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