Tillandsia usneoides – Spanish Moss 50 cm. (10 pcs/pack)

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Spanish moss is a fascinating houseplant or airplant that can also be placed outdoors during the summer in the UK. The plants cascade down with wiry stems that can extend several meters in length. They feature attractive silvery-grey leaves and can produce yellow-green or pale blue flowers in late spring or autumn.

The name “Spanish Moss” is actually a misnomer, as this plant is neither Spanish nor a moss. Tillandsia usneoides is a plant from the bromeliad family that primarily grows on trees and shrubs. This plant is found from the southeastern United States to Argentina in tropical or subtropical regions with high humidity. It consists of curly, elongated leaves measuring 2-6 cm in length and 1 mm in thickness, which grow interconnected like a chain, sometimes reaching lengths of 1-2 meters.

Tillandsia usneoides is an epiphyte that lacks roots, absorbing water and nutrients (mainly calcium) through its leaves from the air and rain droplets. The flowers are very small and green in colour, blooming once a year. The plant primarily propagates through fragments that break off and are carried by the wind or transported by birds to new trees. Many birds use it as nesting material.

According to an Indigenous legend, Tillandsia usneoides represents the hair of a princess who was killed by enemies on her wedding day. In his grief, the mourning groom cut off her hair and hung it in a tree. The wind then carried it away, spreading it throughout the land.

Size: approx. 50 cm. length.

Care tips

Tillandsia usneoides prefers not to hang in full sunlight; it thrives best in light shade. Ensure a good level of humidity, as the leaves can dry out if the humidity is too low. Submerge the plant in lukewarm water once or twice a week, or spray it with a plant mister one or two times a week. During warm and dry summer weather, give it an extra watering.

Maintain daytime temperatures between 15-30°C and nighttime temperatures between 10-20°C.

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